Develop a Take a Look at Teaching Club
A TALAT Club is a great way for students to learn more about the education profession, have fun and participate in activities that may help them decide if teaching is a good career choice for them.

The TALAT Club can introduce students at various levels (middle and high school) to the benefits of being a teacher, while providing enough experiences to support students’ aspirations to become educators. There are several benefits for students taking part in an education career club:

  • Build understanding of the nature of education, the various roles of educators, and different educational fields.
  • Explore current issues in K–12 education and hot topics.
  • Provide hands-on experience and time to practice new teaching skills.
  • Participate in activities they enjoy, learn new skills and meet new people including professionals in the field.
  • Encourage students from diverse backgrounds to consider the teaching profession.
  • Get involved in special projects, community service, and volunteerism.
  • Show a potential college student’s commitment to an education career.

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